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Hope Farms for your Rabbit

A real pet
A rabbit is a real pet and a loving companion, not only for children. With its soft and furry coat it just asks to be petted. People and rabbits are living together for a long time already. We know from history that around 1100 rabbits were already used for sports, eating and fur. Nowadays there are more than 60 breeds, in various colours and varieties. From 1900 onwards rabbits were domesticated.

Which rabbit suits you?
Of course it is important that you really like your rabbit, but it is also essential to know if the animal will be kept inside the house or outdoor. Indoor rabbits like to run and hide inside the house. If you keep your rabbit outside in a cage, it is important to give it attention and cuddle it daily. Rabbits not only differ in appearance, but also in character. Smaller breeds usually are more snappy and lively than the bigger varieties that are more evenly tempered. A lively character utters itself by standing upright quite often, alertness and agility. Sometimes they are a bit difficult to handle.

What do rabbits eat in nature?
In their natural surroundings rabbits eat grass, wheat, leaves, shoots, twigs, but also bark of bushes and small trees. They also eat grains, carrots, fruit and vegetables. Rabbits are herbivores (plant eaters) and their digestive system works very efficiently. Indigestible fibres leave the body quickly and the digestible fibres are incorporated.

History of the rabbit

Latin name Oryctolagus cuniculus
Female doe, nurse
Male buck
Baby baby bunny
Life expectancy 6-8 years (domesticated)
Litter size up to 12 bunnies
Birth weight approx. 30 – 80 gr.
Eyes open approx. 8-10 days
Duration of pregnancy approx. 30 dagen
Average weight mail: 1 – 5 kilo
female: 1 – 8 kilo
Nutrition herbivore (=plant eater)

Rabbits should be fed twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. They need food that is rich in fibres in order to keep their gastrointestinal tract healthy and to encourage them to gnaw.

By gnawing they keep their ever-growing teeth short. Give plenty of good quality hav daily together with one of the Hope Farms products for rabbits.





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