Broad product range of high quality feed for rabbits and rodents

Hope Farms manufactures and marketsĀ feed for rabbits and rodents, full of natural ingrdients, without adding synthetic fragrances, colouring or flavour. Hope Farms is available in chunks (Super/SuperTrio), as a varied mixture (Select) and in Balance (premium chunks). For healthy and happy animals, good nutrition is absolutely necessary. You can trust on Hope Farms.

Your Hope Farms Quality Control

The reliable Hope Farms products have satisfied users for many years. The quality and composition are constantly checked, both internally and externally. Hope Farms products can be recognized by the Hope Farms Quality Control stamp, which guarantees a fixed composition and a high quality of raw materials. Premium pet food for healthy animals.

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Changed composition of Hope Farms Cavia [guinea pig] Select, Rabbit Select, Mouse/Rat Select and Hamster Select
We always keep a close eye on the quality of our Hope Farms products. The raw materials we use have to meet to most stringent...
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